RV Storage

Procedures for Use of Rv Storage Lot

Use of the MHAFB RV Storage Lot will be in accordance with the guidelines provided and detailed in the RV Lot Storage Agreement, available at the ODR Front Desk

The RV Lot Storage Agreement is required for each customer and each individual site.


Due to limitations, restrictions and policies for base housing residents, only Active Duty Military that reside on MHAFB are currently eligible.

Rv Storage Lot Restrictions

  • Only one vehicle per site only, this is strictly enforced.
  • Occupant may park only motor homes, travel or utility trailers, boats and wheeled property that are registered in the occupant’s name.  Registration must be provided at the time of sign-up. Automobiles may only be stored if secured on a trailer.
  • Occupant shall not conduct or permit to occur any activity in or around the RV Storage lot that would result in the violation of any law, regulation, AF Instruction or local instruction.
  • Occupant is prohibited from storing or using materials on or around the RV Storage Lot that are classified as hazardous or toxic under local, state, or federal law.  Occupant specifically agrees to indemnify the RV Storage Lot and 366 FSS for any cost, fines, expense or penalties arising out of the use of storage of toxic or hazardous materials by the occupant, occupants’ guests, or occupant’s agents.
  • Occupant is prohibited from using or permitting use of the space for residential purposes.
  • RV Storage Lot is only for storage.  No work/repair is to be conducted in lot.
  • Occupant will keep parking area free of debris and weeds.
  • Occupant will not wash property in RV Storage Lot.
  • Occupant will not rent a lot for someone else who is not an authorized user.

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