Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support – (EFMP-FS)

EFMP enrollment is mandatory for all active duty military branches, to include active duty Airmen, and require the identification of all family members requiring long term general medical, special education, Early Intervention (EI) and/or Related Services (RS), or modified housing. Air Force Reserve and Guard members are not required to enroll in the EFMP. However, they may request to be screened and enrolled at any time, regardless of the type of orders they are on, which may qualify them for additional resources. All Total Force members are eligible to receive A&FRC EFMP-FS support and services. This includes all DoD identification cardholders (e.g., other military service branches, active duty members not yet officially enrolled, civilians, retirees).

How Can EFMP-FS Coordinators Help Me?

EFMP-FS Coordinators assists families and leadership in managing the competing demands of the military mission; provide non-medical case management; assess family needs; develop services plans; coordinate warm hand-offs; provide local, state, and federal information, guidance and services; navigate resources; improve family coping skills by fostering competencies; identify gaps in service; advocate for improved services on and off the installation; and partner with providers to support military, other personnel, and their family members with special needs. For any services requested outside of the Air Force purview, EFMP-FS Coordinators will provide community resource information and referral.

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