Private Organizations

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 12 pm – 4 pm

What are Private Organizations (PO)?

Private Organizations are self-sustaining, special interest groups set up by people acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees or agents of the federal government. They operate on Air Force installations with the written consent of the installation Commander. (AFI 34-223 Section A.1.)

Private Organizations are not Federal entities and are not to be treated as such. Accordingly, they are not NAF instrumentalities (NAFIs) as defined in AFI 34-201, Use of Non appropriated Funds, nor are they entitled to the sovereign immunities and privileges given to NAFIs or the Air Force. (AFI 34-223 Section A.1. 1.1)

The following items are due annually for private organizations:

  • insurance waiver or certificate,
  • letter of understanding,
  • financial statement,
  • budget, and
  • elected officials form.

Note: The constitution and by-laws are due every two years and minutes are due each quarter.

What are Unofficial Activities/Organizations (UA)?Unofficial activities/organizations are small groups that are not required to be formally established as Private Organization because their current assets (including cash, investments, inventory and receivables) do not exceed a monthly average of $1,000 over a three month period. (AFI 34-223 Section 2. 2.2.) Note: Unofficial activities are required to submit proof of their financial status and a letter of understanding signed by all members before fundraising can be routed.

What do I need to know about fundraising?To obtain approval for fundraiser activities submit the official request form to your private organization monitor. You may NOT advertise or proceed with fund-raising efforts without the approved fundraising package.

Who do I contact for further questions?Private Organizations and Unofficial Activities fulfill a need for people living and working in today’s highly charged environment. We appreciate the role your organization plays in supporting the Air Force community.  For assistance please call 828-4381, or email

Upon completion of the following documents, please email

Fundraising or Solicitation Requests

- Official Request Form (Fundraising & Solicitation)
- Email Template
- Solicitation Letter Example
- Temporary Food Application

Private Organization Documentation

- Constitution and Bylaws Template
- Insurance Waiver Form (fill out BOTH approved and disapproved documents)
- Letter of Understanding Form
- Financial Statements Form
- Budget Template
- Elected Officials Form



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