Professional Development

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Mountain Home Air Force Base Professional Development Center (PDC) conducts deliberate development seminars throughout the year on leadership, followership, managerial, and communication principles. The Career Assistance Advisor (CAA) and First Term Airmen Course (FTAC) NCOIC provide the following seminars.

Mandatory Seminars


Held bi-weekly and provides a structured first duty station orientation designed to transition Airmen from a training mindset to the mission-oriented environment. The first term airmen course reinforces lessons learned in basic military training and technical training to prepare Airmen for their role in supporting their organization’s mission.

Noncommissioned Officer Professional Enhancement Seminar (NCOPES)

Held quarterly and is designed to augment, not replace, formal training and is open to sister service personnel on a space available basis. Lessons provided will enhance NCO development between ALS and NCOA training.

Senior Noncommissioned Officer Professional Enhancement Seminar (SNCOPES)

Held biannually and provides newly selected MSgts with an in-depth view of their increased supervisory, leadership, and managerial responsibilities, to assist them in making a successful transition to senior noncommissioned officer status. This course is intended for MSgt-selects prior to actual promotion date, but no later than one year after assuming the rank.

Informed Decisions Seminar

Held monthly and is an educational experience specifically designed to enhance one’s knowledge of Air Force benefits, highlighted program requirements, and processes. The goal is to ensure personnel obtain the needed information in order to make the best decision for them, their family, and their subordinates as they come close to the end of their enlistment.

Additional Seminars Offered Through CAA

Airmen Professional Enhancement Seminar (AMNPES)

Held quarterly and is for A1Cs and SrA who have not attended ALS and are displaying leadership qualities needing further development or already in leadership roles. This is a nominative process through squadron leadership.

Senior Leadership Essentials Seminar

Held bi-annually this seminar is for seasoned SNCOs who want to further develop their leadership skills and strategic communication.

Company Grade Officer Professional Enhancement Seminar (CGOPES)

Held bi-annually and is for CGOs who have not attended SOS training and interested in further developing their leadership skills and strategic communication.

Civilian Professional Enhancement Seminar (CIVPES)

Held bi-annually and is for civilian employees looking for deliberate development on leadership and followership principles.

CAA Unit Visits

The CAA can visit your unit or host at the PDC lessons needed for squadrons. Lessons offered and not limited to are: ACA, AF Initiatives, AFRC Programs, AF Writing, Continuous Process Improvement, DSD Process, Education Initiatives, Emotional Intelligence, Board and Promotions, Enlisted Force Structure, Ethics, Extreme Ownership, Followership, Four Lenses, Full Range Leadership, Generational Leadership, Intrusive Leadership, Manpower, Mediation, Negotiations and Conflict Management, Nutrition, OSI, Personal Dynamics, Personal Finance, Personnel Programs, Physical Readiness, Project Management, Resource Management, Situational Leadership, Standards and Discipline, Strategic Communication, Team Dynamics, Leadership Triad, Unconscious Bias, and Work Life Balance.

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